Dombey and Son

by Charles dickens


First edition first impression from 1948 in good condition with the following first issue points: title-page vignette has Capt. Cuttle's hook erroneously drawn on his left arm; p. xv, no page entry for the frontispiece and vignette, and no quotation marks around "the Party" line 2; p. 14, ten lines up, "aint" has no apostrophe; p.26, line 11 has "fidgetty"; on p.40, "shewed" and "shew" instead of "showed" and "show"; p. 284, fifth and sixth lines from the bottom, "Delight" instead of "Joy"; p.582, the last line has no full stop. Half leather binding with some loss to paper on front boards,the book has heavy foxing, all pages are attached however two are not flush with the page block, 38 plates as called for, please see pics, any questions please get in touch.

Publisher bradbury evans