Harlem, New York, USA. 2017 From the "125th & Lexington" series.

by Khalik allah




Harlem, New York, USA. 2017 From the "125th & Lexington" series by Khalik Allah.


6″ x 6″ Magnum Square print

Fuji Crystal Archival Matte paper


Mint condition 

Statement from Khalik Allah from the back of Harlem, New York City, USA 2017

"The only way of escaping a problem is by facing it. Averting our gaze is often how problems are deepened. The more you look at fear, the less you see it.

Shooting at nighttime in the streets, without a flash, my photography is predicated on available light, proximity and time; but I'm trying to escape those limits by focusing on what's eternal in a person. By documenting the light in the eyes of what people in the streets see, the result is emotion written on emulsion.

The way the system is built - some of my subjects are locked-up on the outside. They're not contained by barbed wire and prison gates, but a vicious cycle that's hard to escape."

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