I'd like to get to know you

by Francesca Allen




First edition (2022)

First impression 

In an edition of 500 copies

Medium format paperback in new condition

Signed by Francesca Allen to title page


Set during a summer in rural Devon, I’d like to get to know you is an exploration of the tentative foray into a new relationship.

Francesca turns her gaze curiously on her younger sister Alida, but not without hesitation. Growing up, the traditional sibling bond has felt elusive. The series documents the sisters tiptoeing around each other with a palpable tension, a push and a pull, opening up and later holding back; relationships are not linear.

The resulting body of work paints a vivid and sun-soaked picture of a complex yet flourishing relationship with changing dynamics, not only in how Francesca sees Alida, but how Alida sees herself.


Publisher self published