Isle of Dogs

by Ioana marinca




Isle of Dogs by Ioana Marinca. First edition (2020). First impression. Large format newspaper style publication. Signed and dated by Ioana Marinca on page 63. No markings. This is a new publication. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Isle of Dogs

30 pictures from Isle of Dogs, made June-Sept 2020. Stories from locals, their reactions to lockdown and opinions on their part of East London. With the CoVid crisis keeping most people in their immediate areas, I decided to document a neighbourhood I've lived in for five years.

Isle of Dogs is a slice of London: overdeveloped, underfunded, home to locals who were born on the island ("islanders") and immigrants alike. But the Thames makes a U shape around it, making it very easily recognised on a map, or from a plane.

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