by Gary Marlon Suson




Third edition from 2010 in fine condition signed and dated 2014 by Gary Marlon Suson, no markings. 


Photographic images have conveyed powerful messages of world events, often creating indelible impressions. In journalistic photography, this important book has to rank among the top collections. Gary Suson was the official photographer at the World Trade Center in New York City for both the Uniformed Firefighters Association and the Uniformed Fire Officers Association. What make his photographs so gripping are the expressions of the people - there was physical devastation of awesome proportions, but it was the people who were involved who were the true story. With his access to all parts of the terrible scene, Gary Suson has assembled an indelible photographic essay of all parts of the human drama, especially the people who came together to help, from the rescuers, firefighters, police officers, doctors, and nurses to two little girls who enchanted a room of people, bringing them tears of joy with their angelic singing. Requiem: Images of Ground Zero is much more than what the title suggests. It is a first-hand historic and sociological document of immense importance.