Revolution in Hungary, the 1956 Budapest Uprising

by Erich Lessing



First edition first impression of this large format hardback in new condition. The shrink wrap has only been opened in order to take photos of the book. 

The power of Lessing’s work lies in the everyday realities of the events he photographed, capturing the intense array of human emotion that comes with any moment of social upheaval. But the experience also took a toll on his own outlook on life, as he struggled to reconcile the purpose of this type of photography. “I did not want to cover any revolutions or any wars any more. It makes no sense. I’ve seen too much,” wrote Lessing after his experience of photographing the Revolution. Indeed, by the beginning of the 1960s, Lessing had moved away from documenting war and conflicts for magazines to focus on long-form documentary projects more suited to the format of the photo book. In tandem with this, his the subject-matter of his work shifted from a documentation of history to the examination of history itself.

 ISBN : 978-0500513262

Publisher thames hudson