Roadside Lights Seasons: Winter (4 Cover Options)

by Eiji ohashi




First edition (2020)

First impression

Large format slipcased hardback in new condition

About Roadside Lights Seasons: Winter

This incredible monograph is Ohashi’s follow up from his previous heralded body of work about vending machines in Japan. So, this oeuvre focuses on vending machines exclusively during long winter nights. Subsequently, the seemingly insignificant street appliances become an important part of Ohashu’s strong aesthetic vision, a series of full bodied characters that he subtly turns into significant markers of our lonely, modern human lives in the contemporary world. The afterword, written by the photographer, speaks about how he sought to humanise these mechanical machines. Somehow, they manage to keep on going, to persevere, even in the most remote places in Japan and in the darkest depths of winter, providing us with some light even in the gloomiest times. Constructed using an unusual Leporello style bookbinding the book opens totally flat, in a chain of imagery. As a result, the book can transform into a mini-exhibition for the viewer.

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