Stags, Hens and Bunnies - Limited Edition Print (1)

by Dougie wallace



Stags, Hens and Bunnies - Limited Edition Print (1) by Dougie Wallace. This is a limited edition 20cm x 25 cm Giclee print. Edition of 15. Signed and numbered by Dougie Wallace. Comes with a signed copy of the book. The book is a first edition (2014). Large format hardback in new condition. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Stags, Hens and Bunnies

Like a proper ‘Weedgie’, Dougie Wallace doesn’t patronise but sees humanity and pathos in the carnage that is Blackpool. – Irvine Welsh Dougie Wallace has captured Blackpool in all its profligate glory. – Alan McGee Blackpool, a Northern English town once the granddaddy of the seaside resorts. It has now an unenviable reputation for its stag and hen parties. A dirty great whorl of debauchery, licentiousness, laughter, vomit, furry handcuffs, fancy dress and drunken oblivion. Turned every weekend into the heart of social darkness. Marauding packs of brides and grooms, close friends and family, on a mission to consume dangerous, liver-crushing levels of alcohol. This, their rite of passage acted out on the last night of freedom, before the conventions and responsibilities of marital life, mortgage, children. Once a fun diversion from the industrial heartlands – a bit like Las Vegas with a Victorian twist – is a town that has a palpable and genuine energy of its own. The promenade offers up its gala of grotesque and carny seediness; a whole Golden Mile of pubs and bars for swollen bodies to crawl through flashing scary, carrot coloured midriff flesh. The unbridled hedonism is magnified by an inter-pack competitiveness that manifests itself in drinking games, fights or sex in the toilets! Its twisted and ghoulish, and it’s hard not to laugh. Dougie Wallace has captured a town heaving with everything from bunnygirls to banana men. Girls dressed in togas, all matching gold handbags and neatly-done hair, giving it the ‘when in Rome’ treatment, devil girls, pink ladies, Brownies, guys in drag, stuffed into nuns’ and nurses’ outfits, wearing salacious T-shirts with ‘Johnny’s Last Night of Freedom’ – each group with the same singular objective, to get as ‘fucked up’ as possible.

About Dougie Wallace

Dougie Wallace, also known as Glasweegee, is a British street photographer from Glasgow, based in east London. He has had five books of his work published and been awarded Second Prize in the Portraiture category of the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards.

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