When We Lie Down, Grasses Grow From Us

by Karolina gembara


When We Lie Down, Grasses Grow From Us by Karolina Gembara. First edition (2019). First impression hardback in new condition. No markings. This is a new book. Please see pictures, PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About When We Lie Down, Grasses Grow From Us

In 2009 Karolina Gembara moved to Delhi to learn photography and stayed for seven years. When we lie down, grasses grow from us, comprises photographs taken during this period, as Gembara developed a love/hate relationship with the city, borne out of a combination of fascination, homesickness and a feeling of transience. During her time in the city, Gembara moved around frequently and found it difficult to establish a home, or a place where she felt truly comfortable. She met many in a similar position - housing was temporary and even romantic relationships were somehow superficial and makeshift. “In 2009 I went to India to learn photography and stayed there for a long time. It was a fascinating journey and I gained a lot of experience but at the same time I felt homesick. At times it was very challenging. My relationship with Delhi was simply one of love and hate. I never felt comfortable taking pictures on the street. So I needed to find a visual language - a language that would reflect my abilities but prevent me from simply being an onlooker. I turned to my friends, people I could identify myself with, with whom I could talk. With them I looked for quiet, isolated moments. These moments we shared were precious as the city doesn't offer much peace. I moved around a lot, and found it hard to establish a home, a place I would feel comfortable in. Many people I met shared the same feelings. Our houses were temporary and even our romantic relationships were somehow superficial. The word that could describe that state of mind and life was “makeshift”. The pictures I took during those years speak about that craving for comfort in the big city, and the loneliness that accompanied us every day. They also reveal my own need for a home and an attempt to create one.

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