Wimbledon, 2007 (Magnum Editions Poster)

by Alec Soth



Wimbledon, 2007 (Magnum Editions Poster) by Alec Soth.


Edition of 50 46 x 61 cm (18" x 24") Poster Signed by Alec Soth and numbered to Artist Label

About Wimbledon, 2007

Alec Soth’s work is rooted in the American photographic tradition that Walker Evans famously termed “documentary style.” Concerned with the mythologies and oddities that proliferate America’s disconnected communities, Soth has an instinct for the relationship between narrative and metaphor. His clarity of voice has drawn many comparisons to literature, but he believes photography to be more fragmented; “It’s more like poetry than writing a novel.” Polo Ralph Lauren-Cravate Club Wimbledon, 2007.

Artist Bio

Alec Soth (1969) is an American photographer, based in Minneapolis. The author of over twenty-five books, he’s one of the leading contemporary photographers in America. Besides, he is a member of Magnum Photos. Some of his titles include Sleeping by the Mississippi (2004), NIAGARA (2006), Broken Manual (2010) and I Know How Furiously Your Heart is Beating (2019). Further, Soth had over fifty solo exhibitions worldwide. He works in the documentary tradition. However, he has a very poetic style. In fact, we can see this combination in his “large-scale projects” of the Midwest. Finally, he manages to create an instant chemistry with his subjects. Frequently, those subjects are loners and outcasts.

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