JH Engström

JH Engström (b. 1969) is a Swedish photographer and video artist. He lives and works between Paris and Smedsby (Sweden). Engström’s practice is based on the bypass of all rules and advocates great freedom of style. Feeling at ease with the instantaneous as much as with the staged frame. As well as a virtuoso of the black and white and of colour. He masters the accident and toys with techniques to question photography itself. In the years 2000-2010, his forms of representations evolved to combine various means. Including installation, video, books and writing as a way to abolish hierarchies between the images. Also, to introduce an ethereal lyricism into his work.

An intuitive approach that conceals a very personal reading of the world in which the autobiographical exploration is central. JH Engström demonstrates that all things carry vital energy within, that solitude and empathy, feelings of safety or on the contrary, vulnerability, are experienced every day. Hence, each portrait or self-portrait, still life or landscape, holds a sum of recollections and constitutes an intimate, visual and poetic journal that addresses each and every one. In 2012, JH Engström and Margot Wallard established Atelier Smedsby, a one-year workshop with three week-end sessions allowing participants to exchange with the two artists about their photographic work.