MACK is an independent publisher of award-winning books on visual arts, working with the world’s leading artists, writers, curators and cultural institutions.

Established in London in 2010, our founder Michael Mack wanted to create a publishing house that connects new and established authors to a wider audience in beautifully designed editions. Rooted primarily in photography books, our publishing has expanded into art, literature and critical studies, working with some of the world’s most pioneering creative minds and institutions. Over this time, we have sought to build an extensive cultural programme, bringing our authors to audiences across the world in talks, workshops, fairs and signings.

Steel Town
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Street Portraits
Signed Signed -22%
Stable Vices
Signed -33%
Signed Signed -14%
The Local
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Public Matters
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12 Hz
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Signed Signed Sold Out
New Skin
Signed Signed -29%
South of Market
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