Mike Mandel

Mike Mandel (born 1950) is an American conceptual artist and photographer. According to his artist profile, his work "questions the meaning of photographic imagery within popular culture and draws from snapshots, advertising, news photographs, and public and corporate archives."

Most of the publications Mandel has been involved with have been self-published: his own, his early conceptual collaborations with Larry Sultan, and his later collaborations with Chantal Zakari. He is best known for Evidence (1977), a book of found photographs he and Sultan assembled, regarded as "one of the most influential photography titles of the past 50 years"; and for his Baseball Photographer Trading Cards (1975), a set of baseball cards with 134 different photographers and curators posing as ball players.

Mandel has had a solo exhibition at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and his work is in the permanent collections of major institutions.


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