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Brilliant Parade by Josh Edgoose.


Hardback with tipped-in image
92 pages
51 pictures
265 x 238 mm

About Brilliant Parade

Brilliant Parade by British photographer Josh Edgoose is a celebration of the character and energy of the streets of London through the serendipitous interactions that happen every day and usually go unnoticed. Edgoose spent five years observing and photographing the encounters and moods of the city, capturing its colourful, ever-changing essence. He strived to organise the chaotic scenes in order to discover the disposition of a city that contains everything in its vast magnitude. Edgoose takes the different pieces of this metropolis and seamlessly puts them together, showing us its secrets.

In Brilliant Parade, bold colours, gestures, notes of humour and emotion intertwine to build a portrait of London’s iconic streets, giving us a feel for the rhythm of a city that moves fast and is the grandiose stage for a diverse cast of characters who inadvertently fill the frame and get right under the spotlight in Edgoose’s candid street photographs.

Brilliant Parade is Josh Edgoose’s debut monograph.

About Edgoose

Josh Edgoose is a London based photographer with an interest in colour and coincidence. He has been building his skills over the last decade and loves photographing and discovering the UK. Josh’s work has been selected for a number of exhibitions both in the UK and internationally and his work has been featured in publications including It’s Nice That, The Guardian and the Economist.

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