009 - Polly Alderton

by Polly alderton



009 - Polly Alderton. 48 Page softcover 21cm x 16cm book with card wraparound cover in an edition of 350 copies.  

009 - Polly Alderton is the ninth in an ongoing collaboration with Open Doors Gallery publishing the work of emerging photographers.

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Artist Statement

I make work around the family album. A compulsion really, to document everything in between the front doorstep pictures on the first day of school and Christmas eve outside the church. It's searching; endlessly enveloping our bodies into small gaps, under blankets, within bodies, muffling the sounds to gain clarity and find our way. Memory and sensation, when did I stop hanging upside down or pushing the fingers deep into small holes to create big rips? I am hoarding too, giant vats of memories more reliable than my own; maybe? I'll hunt each image for clues one day, I know it. There's always been a piece missing. - Polly Alderton

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