by Giulia bersani


A by Giulia Bersani. First edition (2020). First impression. Large format paperback in new condition. In an edition of 250 signed and numbered copies. Signed and numbered by Giulia Bersani to front end page. Hand-sewed/ hand-cut cover and hand written prologue. Comes in a hand-sewed paperback bag. No markings. This is a brand new book. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About A

"A is for Angel but also for Animal. With this series I'm exploring human clashing dual nature through imaginary emotional worlds. I'm giving space to conflicts, questions and hopes. That's what makes us feel alive."

Artist Bio

Giulia Bersani is a photographer from Milan who has an incredible gift for capturing the innocent nature of her subjects with purity, curiosity, and melancholy. Her strength comes from her ability to capture the intimate moments between lovers and create the world that is between dream and reality. “I’m in love with the world. At the same time, I’m very melancholic. I’ve always been scared by death and by the feeling of losing everything. So photography helps me to keep some special moments and situations with me. Photography for me is mainly “memory of my past,” past youth, past loves, past places…” - Interview with Lola Who

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