A Hometown

by Zhang Xiao




First edition of A Hometown by Zhang Xiao (2021)

First impression 

Small format paperback in new condition

Presented in a slipcase

Signed by Zhang Xiao to dedication page

Published by Jiazazhi


During the research of his hometown, Zhang Xiao gradually built up, or rediscovered the rural "aesthetics" surrounding him at his early ages, that various kinds of visual perception, schema, text, color which is in compatible to the urban, fashionable, modern, however, to some extent, sources from people's imagination to the city, the authority and yearning of a better life .

In his scattered exploration of his hometown, the symbol "Apple" is of more significance to Zhang Xiao than other works. If all of Zhang Xiao's works about his hometown are spread out on a map, we will find that Zhang Xiao's works about apples, as if in the center of such a village, build an orchard. He said: "From the macro perspective of 'Them' and 'Coastline', to the return to my hometown, and then to Apple, my creation has a process from 'surface' to 'line', from 'line' to 'point'. After that, I hope to eliminate the geographical "dot" in my hometown and replace it with something more symbolic -- an apple."

Publisher jiazazhi