A Period Of Juvenile Prosperity (Special Edition)

by Mike brodie




TBW Special edition of A Period Of Juvenile Prosperity (Special Edition) by Mike Brodie (2013)

Limited to 300 numbered and signed copies 

This is a signed first edition of the book, but unlike the Twin Palms edition, comes repackaged in a screen-printed dust jacket of 75 lb. butcher.

The jacket design originates from Brodie's handwritten notes from the afterword of the book itself.

The book comes housed in a screen printed signed and numbered slipcase

Large format hardback in fine condition

No markings


A  Period of Juvenile Prosperity was born by accident. When he was 17, Brodie hopped on a train thinking he was going to visit his friend in Mobile, AL. Instead, the train was going in the opposite direction, to Jacksonville, FL. After a few days, Brodie rode the train back to where he started and this back and forth sparked a desire to wander around the US by train, by foot, hitchhiking... During his wanderings, he found a Polaroid camera with which he would start documenting his experiences, people he would meet whilst roaming around and anything that came his would and caught his eye. The result is a prolific collection of images that would end up creating a name for Brodie, or rather, a nickname: 'The Polaroid Kidd'. Years later Brodie would switch from a Polaroid to 35mm film and would collect a very impressive amount of portrait a travel photography documenting his wanderings.


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