A Pink Flamingo - Limited Edition Print (1)

by Jack latham




A Pink Flamingo - Limited Edition Print (1) by Jack Latham. This is a limited edition 20 x 25 cm Giclee print. Edition of 20. Signed and numbered by Jack Latham on verso. Comes with a signed copy of the book. The book is a first edition (2015). Large format hardback in new condition. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About A Pink Flamingo

Following in the footsteps of settlers, gold seekers and hippies of decades past, Jack Latham retraced the Oregon Trail for his debut photo book, A Pink Flamingo The plastic flamingo was designed in 1957 by Don Featherstone. Gloriously kitsch and garishly pink, the garden ornament fast became an icon of Americana. “People would stick it in their astroturf lawn, by their white picket fence, and it was a way of exoticising their landscape,” says Welsh documentary photographer Jack Latham. His debut book takes its title from Featherstone’s design that became a pop culture classic. “I saw the flamingo almost as a parody of the American flag,” Latham explains. “When America planted the flag in the moon, they were saying, this is my land. When people followed the Oregon Trail, moving east to west, they foisted a flamingo in their gardens as though to say, this is my home.” A Pink Flamingo, which launches at Cardiff’s Diffusion Festival this October, takes us on a melancholic, visual journey along the Oregon Trail, a historic route established in the 1830s by fur traders.

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