Africa: Gems and Jewels (One Picture Book)

by Carrie mae weems



Africa: Gems and Jewels (One Picture Book) by Carrie Mae Weems. First impression of this Nazraeli One Picture Book edition (2020). Small hardback (one of 500) in new condition. #430 of this Nazraeli Press One Picture Book. Contains a signed by Carrie Mae Weems tipped-in original print (12.7 x 17.78 cm). No markings.

About Africa: Gems and Jewels (One Picture Book)

In Africa: Gems and Jewels, Weems returns to her African roots. In a way, she says, she returns to the roots of her very self. The book documents the black experience, the customs, beliefs and material culture. She portrays her subjects with utter elegance and a sort of mystery that are frequent in her work.

About Carrie Mae Weems

Considered one of the most influential contemporary American artists, Carrie Mae Weems has investigated family relationships, cultural identity, sexism, class, political systems, and the consequences of power. Determined as ever to enter the picture—both literally and metaphorically—Weems has sustained an on-going dialogue within contemporary discourse for over thirty years. During this time, Carrie Mae Weems has developed a complex body of art employing photographs, text, fabric, audio, digital images, installation, and video. Weems has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions at major national and international museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Frist Center for Visual Art, Solomon Guggenheim Museum in New York, and the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo in Seville, Spain.

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