At Work

by Lee friedlander



First edition (2002)

First impression

Large format hardback in as new condition

The book is new and unread, however, there is a soft bump to top right corner of front cover caused during transportation

About At Work

In the Industrial North at the end of the 1970s, people were at work with hands and machinery to make things we all use. In the mid 80s, in Wisconsin, they built supercomputers; at the same time, near Boston, they typed on desktop computers. In New York City, in the early 90s, people stood on stock floors, trading. In 1995, in Omaha, they sat at computers, cold calling as telemarketers; and in Cleveland, in that same year, they used their human skills in traditional ways to once again craft products we all depend on. Since the early 1960s Lee Friedlander has been a tireless chronicler of the world around him, his work making him one of America’s most influential photographers. In At Work we see the world of industry through the unmistakable Friedlander lens. This book collects 16 years worth of work photographing in American factories together. It depicts workers in locations as varied as factories, offices, telemarketing centers and corporate offices.

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