Beach Boxes (One Picture Book)

by Judy gelles



Beach Boxes (One Picture Book) by Judy Gelles. First edition (2004). First impression small hardback (one of 500) in as new condition of this Nazraeli Press One Picture Book. Contains a signed on verso by Judy Gelles tipped-in print. This is an Artist Proof. No markings. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Beach Boxes

Philadelphia artist Judy Gelles first encountered the beach boxes of Melbourne, Australia in 2001. These structures, passed down for generations, have distinct compositions and colors identifying specific family ownership. Gelles’ photographic documentation of the beach boxes investigates their vernacular architecture and also pays homage to the historical and artistic beauty they convey. The artist initially begins with a straight photograph. Then digitally removes the colour from the background, heightening the colour of the boxes and delivering an eerie and beautiful composition. Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Australia. These are simple sheds with no electricity, water, or any features at all other than proximity to sand and water. Only locals are allowed to acquire them and they stay in families for generations.

Artist Bio

So, Judy S. Gelles was a multimedia American artist who explored the interplay between art, sociology, and psychology using image and text. Over a forty year career, she worked in photography, film and video, installation, and also artist’s books. Her photography is known for documenting family as well as domestic life. Especially her own, with an ongoing witty and frank reckoning with traditional roles for women as daughter, wife, and mother.

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