Between Two Mysteries - (Special edition)

by Carl bigmore




Between Two Mysteries by Carl Bigmore. First edition. First impression large format paperback in new condition. Comes with a limited signed numbered print (from an edition of 30). No markings. Both book and print in new condition. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Between Two Mysteries

The Pacific Northwest of America; even its geographical borders are malleable. It is a landscape dominated by the Cascade mountain range. Which runs from southern British Columbia in Canada through the states of Washington and Oregon into Northern California. The Cascades split the region in two. To the west, rainfall is plentiful; the sky characterised by ominous grey clouds; the earth by lush, temperate rainforest. To the east lie vast, arid desert plains, rocky mountains and infinite rolling skies. When settlers in search of prosperity reached the end of the Oregon Trail in the 1800’s, they were forever marked by a 2,200 mile journey that traversed some of the continent’s most perilous terrain.

Between Two Mysteries seeks the elusive space between the real and imagined; that place that is strange and indefinable. Much like the beguiling landscape of the Pacific Northwest itself.

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