Bleu Blanc Rouge

by Christopher anderson




Bleu Blanc Rouge by Christopher Anderson. First edition (2018). First impression. Large format paperback in new condition. No markings. This is a new book. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

*Please note that the signed copy is signed by Christopher Anderson to title page.

About Bleu Blanc Rouge

In this playful and poetic series, Andersons ties images together in a stimulating way. Portraits, candid moments, still lifes. They are photographs taken in passing, carefully arranged together. As a result, some of these images tell a clear story; others are less straightforward or even stray towards the abstract. Similarly these divergent, isolated moments as a collection. Anderson invites viewers to make connections themselves and to question their meaning and coherence. A close-up of a face, spilled cherries, the interior of a car. Light reflected in a puddle of rain or in the windows of a skyscraper. Anderson presents his images as pieces of a puzzle. The common thread that unifies the images is formed by recurring visual elements: the colour red, specific forms and patterns, a spectrum of sunlight that marks the end of day.

The palette is charged with a particular emotionality and intimacy that is at the heart of Anderson’s image. The images are both contemplative and urgent at the same time. Anderson’s photographs are not just observations of a fleeting moment. Rather, we feel the presence of the photographer and his connection to the moment depicted. Together, the images in ‘Blue Blanc Rouge’ , captured in the United States, France, Italy, Spain and Germany, depict a vision that flirts with the language of cinema. The dynamic between movement and stillness in ‘Bleu Blanc Rouge’ resembles a series of stills from a never- made movie. Each image is a moment distilled from a larger narrative, just as the city is a mosaic of different lives, stories and captured moments.

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