Dead End: Jukkenzaka (Temiya/Otaru-city)

by Yoshitaka taniguchi



Dead End: Jukkenzaka (Temiya/Otaru-city) by Yoshitaka Taniguchi. First edition (2020). First impression. Large format paperback in new condition. No markings. This is a new book. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Dead End: Jukkenzaka (Temiya/Otaru-city)

About 150 years ago, the Temiya district in Otaru on Japan’s northern-most island of Hokkaido thrived economically and culturally after becoming a vital shipping port for coal and cargo. There is one particular, steep road in the Temiya district known as “Jukken-zaka.” As its name suggests, the road is ten ken (an old Japanese unit) wide. It ends abruptly, as a dead end, at the top of a rocky area overseeing the city of Otaru. This steep road and its views is filled with traces of the life and culture of Temiya’s deep history.

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