Die Son Sien Alles

by Viviane sassen



Die Son Sien Alles by Viviane Sassen.

Choose between a first edition (limited to 400 copies) in fine condition or a second edition (limited to 700 copies) in as new condition.

Both editions do not have any markings.

Please note that the first edition is hand-numbered 364/400 on title page.

About Die Son Sien Alles

'Viviane Sassen photographed this series in the townships of Cape Town during several visits between 2002 and 2004, looking at the interior decoration of people's homes, shops and bars. This is her third book for Libraryman, following Sol & Luna (2010) and A day in the life of... (2009), and was printed in a first edition of 400 numbered copies' This book showcases Viviane Sassen's concise depiction of African Culture in the modern world.

Artist Bio

Viviane Sassen is a dutch photographer that is prevalent in both the fashion and fine art world. She has had multiple solo exhibitions, group projects and publications. Sassen lived in Kenya as a child but now lives in Amsterdam. She is renowned for her use of geometric shapes, often abstractions of bodies. Sassen remains conscious of challenging the over-stereotypical images of famine and poverty in Africa by ensuring the prevalence of contemporary elements in her photographs. Sassen says, "You should always be able to judge a photograph on different grounds, on political, social, emotional, but also on personal grounds".

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