Etan & Me

by Viviane sassen




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About Etan & Me

'This is me, looking at you, looking at me. This is you, looking at me, looking at you. Etan & Me is a story of love and loss, of Eros and Thanatos. Are we ever able to truly know someone, to truly know ourselves? If I look at the Other, do I see my own shadow? If I am able to capture the face of a man, will I be able to hold onto him forever? Like the young girl who traced the outline of her lover's face on the wall, his shadow cast by a candle, in the myth of the Origin of Painting by Pliny the Elder. And if I look at myself, can I ever get a clear view of who I am? Or will my reflection always be blurry, like Narcissus who stretched his arms into the water to embrace himself, only to find a scattered Self? When I look at my shadow, I see you. When I look at your reflection, I see me'

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