Experimental Relationship Vol. 1.1

by Pixy liao


Experimental Relationship Vol. 1. 1 by Pixy Liao. Third edition (2021). in an edition of 500 copies. Medium format paperback in new condition. No markings. This is a brand new book. Please see pictures. Any questions please get in touch.

About Experimental Relationship Vol. 1.1

Experimental Relationship Vol. 1.1 is an ongoing long-term project the artist started back in 2007. In her images, Liao stages situations and poses with her boyfriend Moro in order to explore the influence of cultural factors in a romantic relationship. Often, we see Liao in a dominant role while her partner appears submissive. Often, the situations appear sexual while other times they are more playful or surreal. This project is an exploration of how 'standardised' heteronormative is and how we can break the structures we have learnt through gender roles and romantic expectations. Experimental Relationship Vol. 1.1 is a still developing project full of intelligence and humour, as well as an inherent defiance of traditional roles and the ambition to explore them further and perhaps, deconstruct them.

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