Flowers (Special Edition)

by Zara carpenter




Flowers by Zara Carpenter. Special edition (2021). First impression. Medium format paperback in new condition. Special edition of 26 copies - signed, numbered and marked alphabetically from A-Z. Each special edition comes with a unique flower Polaroid chemigram, some with a white and others with a black frame. Signed, numbered and marked by Zara Carpenter to copyright page. No markings. This is a brand new book. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Flowers

“My garden, as well as the plants that I grow outside and inside our home, have always given me comfort. Something that calms my mind and quiets the noise when nothing else can - in this past year even more so. Lockdown gave me the time to work on these images of flowers. Allowing me to push my process, seek new textures and visual landscapes, and create vibrant daydreams that I could lose myself in.”

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