Gens de Pluie

by Ophelie asch


Gens de Pluie by Ophelie Asch. First edition (2005). First impression. Medium format hardback in fine condition. No markings. Pages clean, binding firm. No jacket as issued. Please see pictures. Text is in French.  

About Gens de Pluie

Gens de Pluie (Rain People) is a series of images where the line between fiction and reality is extremely fine. Her work is evocative and otherworldly, loaded with reflections of the subjects (passers by, strangers) and the lives they might be living. Gens de Pluie has a component of poetry and romanticism. The result is an esoteric effect to a series of photographs of people, reflections, puddles and how the environment and those who live in it are transformed by rain.  

About Ophelie Asch

Ophélie Asch is a French artist who turned to artistic endeavors after studying philosophy. The daughter to two ballet dancers, she is also the great granddaughter of Leopold Sborowski, famed Parisian art dealer to Soutine, Modigliani and Kisling in the 1920s. It is difficult to simply qualify Asch’s Battles and Seas as paintings, for she often works in three dimensions. In the beginning, Asch sculpts space into movements as one would transcribe a dream; she then lets her paintbrushes venture into this imaginary landscape. Her visions into depths are as much an evocation of landscapes of ruins as they are of the beginning of the world, of dawn and dusk. Meteorites are to be found there---though whether they announce the birth of a new universe or the end of one is impossible to know.

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