by Michael lundgren



Geomancy by Michael Lundgren. First edition (2019). First impression large format paperback in new condition. Flat signed by Michael Lundgren to title page. No markings, this is a new book.  

About Geomancy

In Geomancy, Michael Lundgren explores the American Deserts, blurring the lines of what reality and fiction. He began this work back in 2016, taking photographs of the landscape, often climbing up mountains, venturing across deserts and pitch dark caves. The photographer's intention is to explore the relationship between humans and nature, pushing the boundaries of reality by taking the viewer into a mystical, dark world. The result is a poetic and engaging collection of images that document that connection between the nature world in a state of wild as well as the impact of our presence in it.  

About Michael Lundgren

Artist Michael Lundgren draws on a deep current in photographic tradition that takes the natural world as the seat of transcendence. Lundgren works collaboratively with artists, scientists and writers on historically and socially engaged bodies of work, but his true passion is the poetic potential of the medium. His first monograph, Transfigurations (2008) is an evolution of the modernist search for form within a primitive landscape. Award-winning publisher Radius Books will release Lundgren’s second monograph, Matter, in the summer of 2016.

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