Girl Pictures

by Justine kurland




Third printing of Girl Pictures by Justine Kurland (2020).

Large format hardback in as new condition.

Signed by Justine Kurland to title page

Published by Aperture

Please note the books are brand new, however, they have slight imperfections to cover caused during transportation


I channeled the raw, angry energy of girl bands into my photographs of teenagers. It was as if I took Cherie Currie—The Runaways’ lead singer—on a picnic somewhere out in the country. I would show her my favorite tree to climb, braid her hair by a gently flowing river, and read aloud to her, my gaze occasionally drifting toward the horizon while she lazily plucked a blade of grass and tasted its sweet greenness. All the power chords we would ever need lay within reach, latent, coiled in wait. The intensity of our becoming funneled up vertically from where we sat.

- Kurland


Publisher aperture