Hallo Aslı

by Josh Kern




First edition of Hallo Aslı by Josh Kern (2023)

First impression 

Medium format paper

Signed by Josh Kern on the back cover

Published by Eigensinn


“I have so many new pictures of Aslı and I can’t stop thinking about creating a photo book or something about her. But always when that thought comes up I immediately think that this is the most boring topic in the world. A male photographer taking pictures of a woman. And yeah, we are in a relationship, but it’s the most perfect relationship you can imagine. We both have our work, we love and want the best for each other (I’m not complaining about this!) but who wants to hear about that? And I'm not sure if I’m fishing for compliments now. But it's on my mind so much and I want to get it out there and create something, I’m just not sure how. But I guess I will definitely do it in the end.”

Note from Josh, September, 2021

Publisher eigensinn