Happy / Brooklyn 1988 - 93

by Nina korhonen



Happy / Brooklyn 1988 - 93 by Nina Korhonen. First edition. First impression in new condition. No markings. This is a new book. Signed by Nina Korhonen to the rear end page. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Happy / Brooklyn 1988 - 93

This is a loving portrait of Brooklyn's Finntown at a time when a photographer could walk around with a camera and seemlessly interact with people and places. New York has two Finntowns. One in Harlem and a bigger one in Brooklyn. And perhaps not so well know is the Finns founded New Yorks’s oldest residential co-op buildings. This series is about Finntown in Sunset Park – an area of Brooklyn where Finnish immigrants settled in the early 20th century. This book contains pictures from her first photo project. During her time as a photography student in Stockholm, she traveled to Brooklyn to visit her grandmother Anna and to tell the story of Finntown, a part of Brooklyn that was then, in 1988, populated by Finnish immigrants. During the weekends, she visited Coney Island, photographing people bathing, schooling young people, and family outing. ”Life and taking photographs were pleasurable, simple and unpretentious. This book is a tribute to all the people I met, and to that which was, which never will be again. Remember.” - Nina Korhonen

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