Hitozuma Eros 4

by Nobuyoshi araki


Hitozuma Eros 4 by Nobuyoshi Araki. First edition first impression (text in Japanese) Softcover with dust jacket and bellyband in fine condition. No Markings. please see pics. Any questions please get in touch.

About Hitozuma Eros 4

The series Hitozuma Eros first started back in 1998. Initially it was a regular column for Sukan Taishu magazine (published by Futabasha). This project was known as one of Araki’s lifeworks and it consisted of a series of nudes. The models, were married women. Hence, Araki photographed hundreds of wives through the years making it a life-long project. Nobuyoshi Araki, who is usually referred to as the Master of Eroticism, creates a playful, ground-breaking collection where he explores sexual fantasies and the female body.

About Nobuyoshi Araki

Nobuyoshi Araki (born 1940.) is widely considered one of the greatest Japanese photographers. His work is incredibly eclectic and diverse; documenting a varity of different subjects including the Tokyo Streets, flowers and kinbaku (Japanese rope tying). His vision is personal, strong and often considered outrageous but he never compromises on this vision of his. Using it to document and elevate his emotional reactions to everyday encounters with life and death. “Photography is about a single point of a moment. It’s like stopping time. As everything gets condensed in that forced instant. But if you keep creating these points, they form a line which reflects your life.” – Nobuyoshi Araki

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