In the Shadow of the Pyramids

by Laura El Tantawy




In the Shadow of the Pyramids by Laura El Tantawy (2015)

First impression 

Medium format hardback in fine condition

In an edition of 500 numbered copies

Signed and numbered by Laura El Tantawy


This book tells the story of the deep socio political changes between 2005 and 2014 in Eypt. It documents the revolution and its emotional toll and impact on people's lives. The protests that took part against President Mubarak and the events that unfolded around. Accordingly, this is a powerful story accompanied by imagery of historical importance. In a way, El-Tantawy images exist to ensure this story remains alive, to conserve the memory of those undergoing life altering events like those portrayed in this book and ultimately, to remind us the importance of unity and compassion.

Publisher self published