In Your Face

by Paul trevor




First edition of In Your Face by Paul Trevor (2020).

First impression

Small format hardback in new condition

Signed by Paul Trevor to title page

Published by Hoxton Mini Press

About In Your Face

Paul Trevor’s extreme close-ups, made spontaneously on the streets of east London, capture Britain’s perennial social divide. They contrast the people in The City with those in the nearby market of Brick Lane. Shot during Thatcher’s reign, the imagery is as fresh and relevant today as it was then. ‘This series is a new twist on the street photo, but totally unlike anything I have seen before or since.’ – Martin Parr “The idea was to say something about the two places without having to show what people did. The story would be in people’s faces. Requiring a close-range approach, the project involved me in a new way of making photographs.” – Paul Trevor

British photographer Paul Trevor has been documenting the East End for over 25 years. This book of spontaneous in-your-face portraits contrasts the Brick Lane street market with London's money market, the City, just a mile away. Taken between 1977 and 1992, the photographer's motivation was partly political since many were shot during the reign of Thatcher's when she polarised debate on market forces versus community values.

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