La Carte D'Apres Nature

by Thomas demand photography books


La Carte D'Apres Nature curated by Thomas Demand. First edition (2010). First impression. Large format hardback in fine condition. There is also a booklet tipped in to rear of book. No markings. Please see pictures. Any questions please get in touch.

About La Carte D'Apres Nature

La Carte d'apres Nature was published to accompany an exhibition curated by Thomas Demand at Nouveau Musée National de Monaco. Firstly, it takes its title from a short-lived art magazine created by René Magritte between. So, Magritte's publication ran for just fourteen issues and each consisted of a postcard and illustrations and short stories. Therefore, in a similar fashion, Thomas Demand has selected artworks by eighteen artists. They are related to each other in an associative manner. Moreover, the selected work is connected by two ideas: tamed nature and Surrealism as an artistic form fashioned by Magritte. Just as Magritte himself related ideas from different eras, Demand chose works by different generations of artists. Such as: Saâdane Afif, Kudjo Affutu and Becky Beasley. Next, the book, designed by Thomas Demand and Naomi Misuzaki, takes Margritte's notion of free association further. It combines the wide range of works into an elaborate exploration of the disjuncture between the representation of art and the representation itself. Christy Lange's engaging essay traces this idea that a representation of nature is always a simulacrum through the work of the different artists. So, for example, relating the surrealist resonance of Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri's 'impossible landscapes' to Margritte's playful canvases and Demand's photographs of his paper sculptures.

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