Libyan Sugar

by Michael christopher brown


Libyan Sugar by Michael Christopher Brown. First edition (2014). First impression hardback in near fine condition. Slight shelf wear. minor yellowing to pages. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Libyan Sugar

In the short essay that opens his book Libyan Sugar, Michael Christopher Brown offers a succinct but poignant written description. In the desert there would sometimes only be a smell of metal, of smoking scraps of tanks or rockets, and there would sometimes be a feeling that at any moment the place where one stood might vanish. That sensorial evocation lays the first bricks for the remarkable sense of place. Consequently Brown builds throughout his entire body of work. The world of Libyan Sugar is vividly real and tense. A masterful vision of war that is also close and personal. The intimate details Brown sprinkles throughout the text immerse us in his experience. So, as readers, we feel that we are growing alongside the photographer as he explores his new milieu. Meanwhile, the penetrating simplicity of Brown’s camera-work—the entire book, save one image, was shot on a smartphone—place us firmly on the front lines. Page after page, we slip into that rarified view behind the lens. This world, Libya in 2011, is colored by Brown’s experience: we are with him as he discovers an unfamiliar land and witnesses a seething revolution boil over. Both the photographs and the text (primarily email correspondences between Brown and his family) in Libyan Sugar contribute to this development. The landscapes and portraits that open the book suggest that Brown—like the viewer—is familiarizing himself with his new surroundings: expansive skies, rich ochre sands, and attentive portraits fill the pages.

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