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Maine by Gary Briechle. First edition (2018). First impression in new condition. No markings, this is a new book. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Maine

Winter is always too long. Put the plow on the truck, stay warm, take your meds. Get through it any way you can. Spring is mud. Summer, the stunning but brief reward. Then the fall into winter again. Gary Briechle has forged many long-term relationships with the people he has photographed since moving to Maine nearly 20 years ago. This gives his work a peculiar intimacy, as if the pictures were made by a family member. He lives and works in midcoast Maine and doesn’t see a need to travel to make photographs: “Most everything that inspires me is within a few miles of my home.

Sometimes I think that Maine is like my foster family; I’m not really entirely comfortable and will probably never feel completely settled, but Maine keeps feeding me.” Maine is all in color—scuzzy snapshots Briechle took on 35mm film cameras and cheap digital point and shoots, often captured while simultaneously making the slower exposures. He shot color transparency (Astia) with a Leica, and also used whatever digital camera he had nearby. “These color pictures have no quality other than the image. They are not objects like the plates are,” Briechle explains. Instead, the pictures in Maine feel spontaneous and casual rather than formal and slow, but Briechle says that he sees both types of pictures as documentation of a moment. He reflects, “Plates are moments, too, even if the exposure is a few minutes long.”

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