Mandy and Eva

by Willeke duijvekam



Mandy and Eva by Willeke Duijvekam. First edition (2013). First impression. Large format paperback in fine condition. Signed and dated by Willeke Duijvekam to central page. Minor wear to edges of cover. No internal markings.  

About Mandy and Eva

In order to create Mandy and Eva, Duijvekam spent six years with them, following them through their adolescence and watching them go from girls to women. This monograph tells the story of two trans girls as they transform into self-assured young women in a world that often neglects or rejects trans people. The images of the girls showing them going about their daily lives, sometimes on their own, sometime with family or friends. Despite of the superficial quietness of the photographs, the photographs reveal the transformation into adulthood. The book is designed as two books overlapping, a playful touch that alludes the similarities between the two stories.

About Willeke Duijvekam

Willeke Duijvekam (1968) is a documentary photographer. Since she graduated from the Academy of Photography in Amsterdam she has worked on individual freelance assignments, as well as on long-term projects.

She focuses her attention on people whose lives have taken a significantly different turn than most people’s lives. For instance, she has made portraits of monks, obese children and young people with a visual handicap. By dedicating herself to her subject for long periods of time, her lens is able to get beyond the surface. In her restrained photos, intimacy and emotion are the motif, in which she reveals how those she portrays go about their daily lives. Her assignments are often a continuation of her own work.

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