Passages Par Athenes

by Bernard plossu



Passages Par Athenes by Bernard Plossu. First edition (2006). First impression. Medium format hardback in fine condition. Signed, dated with dedication by Bernard Plossu to title page. No markings. Dust jacket in removable protective sleeve. Text in Greek and French. Please see pictures. Any questions please get in touch.  

About Passages Par Athenes

In Passages Par Athenes, Plossu observes and captures the streets of the iconic city, following his philosophy: Cameras are for travelling. Thus, the photographer's intention is to let the viewer see exactly what he got to see whilst standing on that street, or crossing that road, or watching from a window as people walked by.  

About Bernard Plossu

Bernard Plossu (born in 1945), a migratory photographer, has been travelling the world since his first trip to the Sahara with his father in 1958. He has worked in black and white since 1975. A lover of 50 mm lens, he immortalises the Far West of America, California, Mexico, etc. In his youth he wanted to become a filmmaker and his photos bear the traces of his love of films. Bernard Plossu calls himself a "photographer of females" and, like his master Édouard Boubat, captures the world through bodies, intimately yet modest and respectful. He photographs women with neither vulgarity nor voyeurism, even though they may not be aware of it. From behind, they offer to the photographer and the world their "neck and hair, evidence of [their] beauty". Bernard Plossu belongs to the generation of photographers that excelled in two different dimensions while trying to make them converge: the strange reality of the “other”(the foreigner, the foreign land) and the strange reality of his own everyday reality, the reality belonging to people like himself living in places he knew all too well.

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