Pet Pictures (One Picture Book)

by Stephen Shore



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Pet Pictures (One Picture Book) by Stephen Shore. This is one of 500 numbered copies from Nazraeli's One Picture book series. Comes with a print signed by Stephen Shore on verso. Small hardback in new condition. 

About Pet Pictures

In Pet Pictures, Stephen Shore presents a series of photographs he has made over the years of his pets - barnyard and domestic alike. So, Shore shares a loving record of life on his family farm. The book reaches its crescendo with an original signed photograph of Pete the dog who, when wearing his bandana, has been sometimes confused for a boy scout. This is a collection of pet portraits taken by Shore (with the exception of one taken by Ginger Shore) and includes a lifetime of animal companions from dogs, cats, chickens as well as goats. The images range from sentimental portraits to cute snapshots and also give a small insight into Shore's personal life. - from photo-eye's New Arrivals Newsletter

Artist Bio

Stephen Shore is an American photographer known for his images of banal scenes and objects in the United States. As well as for his pioneering use of color in art photography. His books include Uncommon Places and American Surfaces, photographs that he took on cross-country road trips in the 1970s.

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