Prestwich Mental Hospital 1972

by Martin Parr



Prestwich Mental Hospital 1972 by Martin Parr. First impression (2018) of this small Cafe Royal paperback edition in as new condition. Edition of 500. Signed by Martin Parr to cover. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

Description of Prestwich Mental Hospital 1972

Prestwich Mental Hospital was Martin Parr's first cohesive documentary project whilst he was studying at Manchester Polytechnic.

Statement from Martin Parr

'I'd visited the brother of a friend at the Poly, who had been admitted to the hospital. I was so taken with the place that I decided to do some work and sought out permission to photograph there, then got stuck in for the following three months, photographing constantly. Visually it was very striking. The whole just knew there was scope there. When you're a nineteen year old photographer, you have aspirations, but it's difficult to know actually what to say. But suddenly I found something I wanted to articulate. Thats when my photography really took off. I spent alot of time there. The lecturers at the Poly tried to discourage me from spending time there, they thought it was taking too long. The whole idea of doing something thorougly didn't really have currency then.' More Books by Martin Parr here. More books by Cafe Royal Books here.
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