Screen Time

by Dafydd jones



Screen Time by Dafydd Jones. First edition. First impression. Small hardback in new condition. Flat signed by Dafydd Jones to title page. No markings. This is a new book. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Screen Time

'Today almost everyone uses a smartphone, and most of us are addicted. In every social situation the smartphone is not only killing conversation, it’s also changing the way we look at the world. In 2008, I was sent to Miami to cover a party hosted by Vogue Italia during the Art Basel fair. Although it was one of the week’s most glamorous parties, I noticed a single man apparently oblivious to the fabulous group of women he was with, as he was so engrossed in his phone. Maybe he was texting his friends to tell them how lucky he was. Possibly, he was a pioneer tweeter. Whatever his fixation, he was definitely missing the action. That was the first time. Then I began to gradually see the same thing happening more and more. The light emitted by the phone can be very flattering, and there is something quite beautiful about someone transfixed in that way. Almost in another world. Isolated in a crowded scene. Instinctively, at first, I began to seek out these instances. Old people, young people, mothers with children, workmen, cops, cyclists, everyone – in shops, in the street, on the train, in galleries, in bars and restaurants, everywhere. I’ve even seen a man standing at a urinal, a phone cradled in his free hand. Screen time is all-consuming.'

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