Studio Portraits

by Lola pani


£20.00 £40.00

Studio Portraits by Lola and Pani. First edition (2020). First impression. Large format hardback in new condition.

*Please note that the imperfect copy is brand new, however, there is a small bump to bottom corner of back cover, caused during transportation.

About Studio Portraits

"In the centre of this book cover is a portrait. The subject’s arms are crossed, his oversized jacket hanging loosely above white trousers. He looks on to his right, mouth frozen mid-speech, as a soft light grazes his forehead and nestles its way into the creases of his outerwear. This portrait is of Brian, one of the many portraits taken by the photographer duo Lola & Pani for their publication titled Studio Portraits 2015-2020.

Pani Paul and Lola Paprocka have been a couple for eight years and have been working together for the past six. Pani grew up in Byron Bay, Australia and studied photography in Melbourne before moving to London. “I was pretty relentless on heckling for any kind of work I could get on set, and I ended up assisting on and off for about six years,” says Pani. Lola grew up in Poland, then moved to London and “worked just about every hospitality job there is” before switching to tattoo shops. It was in her mid-20's that Lola started getting involved with photography." - Alif Ibrahim from itsnicethat

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