Steles: Huang Yi Project

by Taca Sui



First edition of Steles: Huang Yi Project by Taca Sui (2022)

First impression 

Medium format hardback in new condition

Signed to front end page

Comes in a slipcase

No markings 

Published by Jiazazhi Press


The latest body of work collectively titled Steles focuses on the stone steles that have played such a crucial role in the documentation of the history of China. In this case Taca Sui was inspired by the late Qing dynasty imperial bureaucrat Huang Yi (1744 – 1802) who in his leisure time was also a dedicated amateur archaeologist, painter, poet and calligrapher. In the last years of the 18th century he made two trips in which the focus was on documenting steles mainly located in Shandong Province and Henan Province. Through his travel diaries, paintings, and rubbings, he provided an invaluable record of cultural artifacts that otherwise might have disappeared altogether through neglect. In planning his own trips, Taca consulted Huang Yi’s diaries, Diary on Visiting Steles near Mount Song and the Luo River and Diary on Visiting Historical Steles from Jining to Tai’an.

Publisher jiazazhi