The April Theses

by David Monteleone



The April Theses by David Monteleone (2017)

First impression 

Medium format hardback in new condition


Published by Postcart Edizioni


In March 1917, Vladimir Ilych Ulyanov (Lenin), leader of the Bolshevik Revolutionary Party, ended his exile in Switzerland. With the support of the German authorities, then at war with Russia, Lenin traveled by train through Germany, Sweden and Finland to return home. On April 16 in St. Petersburg, he assumed command of the Russian Revolution and outlined for the Bolsheviks, in the April Theses , a ten-point program published on April 20.

A hundred years later, Davide Monteleone retraces the two weeks preceding the events that changed the history of Russia and the rest of the world. On the trail of the original copy of the April Theses , inspired by archival documents found at the RGASPI (Russian State Archive of the Political History of the Soviet Union) and history books such as Edmund Wilson's To Finland Station and Michael Pearson's The Sealed Train , Monteleone reconstructs and sometimes re-enacts Lenin's epic journey through landscapes, archive images and staged self-portraits.

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