The Dreaming Print #4

by Yasuhiro ogawa



The Dreaming Print #4 by Yasuhiro Ogawa. The Dreaming with Print #4 by Yasuhiro Ogawa. This is a 10cm x 14cm signed handmade collotype print.

About The Dreaming Print #4

"When I turned 50 last year, I decided to go through all the black & white negatives I had taken so far. A far away monastery in Tibet, a foggy Guatemalan village, and an Angkor Wat temple in the summer rain – I started to spend days and nights inside the darkroom, speaking to my old self. Every moment of the journeys may have been vision of dreams – that’s what I thought when I tracked down my old archive. And I might be still dreaming." - Yasuhiro Ogawa So, Ogawa took the ferry from Kobe to Shanghai 27 years ago. Here, he emerged on a long journey through Asia. The photographs in this book present his travels as if they were impressions from a dream. For example, the beautiful black and white images create the world as seen from the eyes of a young adventurer overwhelmed by what he witnesses, who surrenders himself to the experiences and sights he is met with.

About Yasuhiro Ogawa

Yasuhiro Ogawa was born in 1968 in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. In 2000, he received the Taiyo Award for Futashikana Chizu. Then, in 2006, he was short listed for Oskar Barnack Award for China work. In 2009, he received the Photographic Society of Japan's Newcomer Award for Slowly Down the River. He currently resides in Tokyo.

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