The Mennonites

by Larry Towell



First impression of this 2022 Gost Hardback in slipcase edition in new condition.

Larry Towell first encountered the Mennonites near his home in Ontario, Canada, and his friendship with them gained him unique access to their communities. Rather than compromise their way of life, Mennonites have continually been forced to migrate around the world to maintain their freedom to live as they choose. Towell photographed Mennonites in Canada and Mexico for over ten years, and his own texts tell in detail his experiences with their communities: the harshness and poverty of their rural existence, the disciplines and contradictions of their religion, their hunger for land and work, and the constant struggle to keep the modern world at bay. This second edition, reedited and re-sequenced includes forty new images from the photographer’s archive.


ISBN : 9781910401538

Publisher gost